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Brexit - a disaster or a plus?
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TOPIC: Brexit - a disaster or a plus?
Brexit - a disaster or a plus? 1 Week, 5 Days ago  
I've said since Day One - this is a trivial issue (like Covid) blown out of proportion by the media to make it a great story. The reality is - whether or not we remain in the EU is unimportant. Norway and Switzerland have done OK out of it.

But it's the changing horses in mid stream that was and is a huge problem. Plus the attitude it exposes ("filthy foreigners"). And the fact that it trims the catchment area for good ministers by half. As a result we've got the cream of Brexiteers running the UK and that cream is sour and watery.

On top of all the other global problems (NOT Covid but believing the media about Covid) such as superficialisation (slogans win campaigns) it becomes just another influence making the UK worst of all in surviving the problems.
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Green Man

Re:Brexit - a disaster or a plus? 1 Week, 2 Days ago  
Wow, I said all this during the first lockdown with Great Reset.

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