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TOPIC: Tim Westwood.
Tim Westwood. 1 Week, 5 Days ago  
TIM WESTWOOD. I stress I don’t know the man; don’t think we’ve ever met; have never heard him on radio. But I’ve written the following to the BBC.

Dear Sir, I understand that when a media storm arises, other media organisations have to follow it up. I don’t think that’s right, as much media reports rumours or false claims as fact, without checking further. Of course, police also have to follow up official complaints but I’m in a minority in feeling they should balance such claims, equally examining the claims and prosecuting any discovered deliberate or malicious liars for serious crimes (as they eventually did to Carl Beech after his numerous lies about Sir Edward Heath and Jimmy Savile, amongst others, in order to make money).

Tim Westwood has not, at time of writing, either been arrested (as Sir Cliff Richard was not) nor charged (as Paul Gambaccini was not). So the BBC is simply now investigating allegations, which may well prove to be entirely false or exaggerated. If police, also investigating claims, decide there IS evidence of crimes being committed, we must all hope any trial discovers the truth.

But any BBC investigation MUST, essentially, examine claims made and those making them and, if they decide any or all of the claims to be false, exaggerated, malicious, deliberate or motivated by criminal intent (to make money, get revenge, achieve fame or sympathy etc) it MUST recommend prosecution of the potential criminals by the police.

And the investigation MUST make this clear. In the previous investigation into Jimmy Savile this was NOT made clear - probably because Savile was dead and nobody cared. Please make it clear to your QC that her instructions are absolutely into whether CRIMES have been committed by either or any party. Perjury, attempting to pervert the course of justice, wasting police time and the modern equivalent of BLACKMAIL (attempting to extort money with lies) are CRIMES. As are sex abuse, rape, murder and other offences.

Thank you.
Jonathan King
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