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TOPIC: Government and Benefits
Green Man

Government and Benefits 3 Weeks, 2 Days ago  
I have never been a fan of those who prefer the dole than work.

I have said in the past, give those looking for work like food stamps or chitties for food, toiletries and luncheon vouchers. Maybe a bus pass for their county only.

Then additional a bit of cash for second hand clothes, bills and phone credit. Jobcentres have PC's for job searching.

I do know the DWP do pay for interview clothes, basic mobile phones and food money if you do a course or a work taster. Make them do some community service if they can't find a job. Then pay them in cash in hand as they are earning their benefit money.

Give those who can't work, due to illnesses, their carers who have to do everything for everything for them cash in the bank and leave them alone. Long term illnesses don't get better...they just get worse.

If Mr and Mrs Smith want to use their carer or PIP money to see an afternoon matinee then be it. If Mr Smith spends a little for hobby supplies, again let him.

The government rather pay a pittance to personal carers than get pay health professionals. I do know being a carer for a relative in ill health can take it's toll on both parties.

plans for cashless societies needs to be scrapped and marching is pointless but it shows the government we are stronger in numbers.
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