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Thursday Very Brief Food Review.
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TOPIC: Thursday Very Brief Food Review.
Martin K

Thursday Very Brief Food Review. 14 Years, 4 Months ago  
Fleet Service Station M3.


Joya Tandoori Watford.

Incredibly subtle Bangladesh Restuarant, and notable for being the only place I have been to that serves Paneer Balti.
Anyone that reads my food posts, will be surprised to learn that I am only 9 stone 3lbs!
Seriously though, I cannot believe the quality of the service areas still, whilst travelling at night they are essential for breaks, with the howling winds and pouring rain,last night, we had to stop for a while.
There must be a Jamie Oliver character out there somewhere that can save this form of catering, and why don`t they realise that a sandwich should not be the same temperature as an ice lolly?
You can`t taste anything at the temperature, and 2 slices of bread with rubber in it is not worth the prices of up to
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Italian motorway grub... 14 Years, 4 Months ago  
In my days of the "Grand Tour" every year I used to enjoy stopping at the Italian motorway restaurants for "mixed meets" - roast turkey breast, a slice of veal, one of baked ham, perhaps some beef... with mashed potatoes (fresh) and a green bean salad... it was gourmet food.

You're quite right Martin; why can't we Brits do it as well?

Having said that, some of the French ones are awful.
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Martin K

Re:Italian motorway grub... 14 Years, 4 Months ago  
Actually, this came up last night too, the services in Belgium are actually enjoyable, a whole array of wonderful cheeses, and deli meats can be found, and a seperate dining area that does have this thing ,which is very alien over here called "wine"!
One other motorway service whinge...I swear they turn the heating off at 10.30, we are frequently warmer in the bus.
The hospitality of the Asian restuarants late at night in Britain for travellers has allways been second to none, I think this is why all the musicians I have ever worked are addicted to curry.
This started out because they were the only nice , tidy tasty place that were actually open, when the work is done.
We actually eat ours before going on though, as the carb release works very well, as you perform.
Funnily enough, nobody will share our microphones though....
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Martin K

Food continued... 14 Years, 4 Months ago  
One of my oldest friends brought his new partner down for lunch so we went out, instead of eating in today.
Not everybody at the table eats at the the same pace, but three requests from three different waiting staff saying "Have you finished yet?", is ridiculous.
I am afraid, on the third request, I did indeed shout, "Will you stop asking me that!!!!!!".
It is such a shame that they did not know I had taken the oppurtunity to do a food review on them today , due their new re-furbishment.
For readers that do not know my musings, they appear in society magazines, those glossy ones that drop through the door, this one is not going to make me or them popular.
I am sure , I will get stick from the publisher, and probably not get this article in, but they thouroughly deserve the 1 out of 20 review.
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