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TOPIC: Dragon Fruit
Dragon Fruit 14 Years, 4 Months ago  
Discovered - the most odd looking pink fruit which, when you cut it open, is like milky white flesh studded with little black seeds.
Most unusual and it tastes....
of absolutely nothing!
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Martin K

Karuhla.. 14 Years, 4 Months ago  
Similar discovery..I bought some Karuhla pickle recently, and it was fantastic, I finally tracked down some fresh examples of the vegetable on Saturday, which we curried last night with deep fried cheese, and it added nothing at all but texture to the sauce.
It would seem that these unpopular fruits and vegetables are unpopular for a very good reason.
I have this wooly jumper looking vegetable to experiment with today, and I have no idea what it is, and can find nothing on the net that looks like it.
It could be an eddo, it could be a form of coconut, my faithful chopping board should give me a clue.
The Asian food shops are wonderful down here, and even supply a lot of the London restuarants, but I would feel very silly to have to allways ask the knowledgable traders what everything is, when I pick it up.
One other thing about fresh karuhla...we have rather sore tummies.....
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