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Don't forget MONK at 3pm today...
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TOPIC: Don't forget MONK at 3pm today...
Don't forget MONK at 3pm today... 15 Years ago  
I know, I know, we've all got FAR better things to do on a Saturday afternoon than watch TV.
But BBC schedulers cannot be persuaded to see sense.
I gather this is the original first episode, setting the entire series up.
MUST SEE TV... I repeat; it's the best US TV series in years.

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Martin K

Ok! I will actually record it! 15 Years ago  
I have not seen it yet, but the hype about it on this board deserves fulfillment!
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BRILLIANT news from my friend Ric on Monk... 15 Years ago  
though I have no idea why he doesn't just post it on here but...
MONK is being shown DAILY on BBC1 afternoons starting tomorrow... at 2pm Sunday; then 2.35 every afternoon.
Tell everyone.
Close down offices.
Work through lunch instead.
Tell secretaries to hold all calls!
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Re:BRILLIANT news from my friend Ric on Monk... 15 Years ago  
What with Monk on every day and "Deal or No Deal", the afternoons are becoming the best time of day for tv. No
doubt unemployment figures will rise!!!
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Spot on Robbie! (nm) 15 Years ago  
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