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I am sooo hooked on Prison Break...
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TOPIC: I am sooo hooked on Prison Break...
I am sooo hooked on Prison Break... 16 Years, 3 Months ago  
no obvious jokes please but I must admit I was shouting "medical hold" at the screen when our hero looked like being transferred.
Which was exactly what eventually kept him in there!
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martin K

Re:I am sooo hooked on Prison Break... 16 Years, 3 Months ago  
I must admit I havent seen it, but Monk yesterdy afternoon was fantastic, I loved the way he was touching every post as he walked along , and when asked why , he said it was an american tradition.
One of the things my partner does in media teaching, is representation of the disabled in media.
Some of the things we are given to support this course in dvd and video foremat are wonderful, and indeed too strong for most.
"Monk" is definetly usable, in which the guy, battling against his problems, is still the hero.
Now, consider in point, that the Jasper Carrot tv series, (cant remember the name) was a very excellent attempt to remove disabilty tags, but it did not work at all. (Sorry Mr Carrot).
Nobody wants to go back to the pre Radio 4 attitude of "Does he Take Sugar", although I know that is not what he meant to do.
There you go all, morning rant, peoples problems are cool and part of the tapestry that makes us all whole human beings.
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In The Know (but not this time)

"Medical hold"... ? 16 Years, 3 Months ago  
Is this a new deviants practise ?
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Re:"Medical hold"... ? 16 Years, 3 Months ago  
Being now an expert in such areas (!) I know that one of the ways to avoid a transfer is to get the medical staff to say you are NOT to be moved because you have a health problem.
The prison authorities (and even the Home Office... the UK equivalent of the US "dirty tricks" area the FBI seem to be handling in Prison Break) are terrified of an inmate dying and then the blame falling on their shoulders, so a "medical hold" keeps the inmate where he is.
Our hero should have gone to the dishy doctor who fancies him anyway (quite rightly in my opinion) and gotten her to put a medical hold on him which also would have taken the Governor (brilliantly played by Stacey "Mike Hammer" Keach) off the FBI hook.
The "prisons expert" was not as efficient with his "avoid transfer" advice as he should have been.
Always have several backup routes to fall back on.
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