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JK on saving The Brits - see Attitudes & Opinions (nm)
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TOPIC: JK on saving The Brits - see Attitudes & Opinions (nm)
JK on saving The Brits - see Attitudes & Opinions (nm) 14 Years, 11 Months ago  
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Re:JK on saving The Brits - see Attitudes & Opinions (nm) 14 Years, 11 Months ago  
This message originally appeared on RoD, but I welcome King of Hits visitors' comments. JK - I agree about the BRITS 25 Book. I've treasured my copy for about a year now!

So The Brits record it's lowest ever viewing figures, (in recent times). I agree it's time for the Brits Boss to take stock. I believe the biggest issue for the low TV ratings is the fact that the potential viewers already know the results before the TV show. (It's like watching a football match on TV after you know the final score - Just not as exciting). At two and a half hours the TV show is too long for many to make a positive viewing commitment. So, my suggestions:
1. Go live. Having to make the show simpler to accommodate going live will be more than compensated by the excitement of being live.
2. Shorten the show - Other than the "Lifetime Achievement" no artist should be doing more that 1 song - or a brief medley at the most!
3. Go back to Earls Court 2 - The "short and wide" auditorium worked better than "long and thin". (And for "live" you could achieve two stages, side by side).
4. Get more "Audience attracting high profile" award givers.
That's just for starters!!!
For the record, I enjoyed the show, both being there and on TV, but it needs to move on.
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