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TOPIC: Radio Ratings
Radio Ratings 1 Year ago Karma: 50
BBC Radio Two still most listened. Thank God for our 60s, 70s music!
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Re:Radio Ratings 1 Year ago  
Radio 2 can be frustrating at times (especially with its strange obsession with celeb hosts and the seemingly endless roster of ageing 'rock chick' stand-in presenters), but it's a very sensibly-run station.

5Live, on the other hand, is a shambles at times and doesn't seem to grasp what a BBC station should be doing. I heard this programme called 'The Afternoon Edition' the other day - co-hosted by an adenoidal woman and an oh-so up himself Asian man, it's so slavishly eager to indulge the 15-25 demographic it's laughable. They had a discussion about tv and music the other day, and a rare over-thirty guest mentioned the late 1970s and one of the hosts shrieked, 'Wow, now you're going WAY back!!' JK showed you can engage with the youth audience without acting as if nothing over 30 is worth noting, but this show is ridiculous. No matter how stupid the callers are, so long as they sound really young, the response is always, 'Hmmm, good point!' The BBC needs to sort that station out.
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