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JK on TOTP 1 Year ago  
Thanks to a Simon Bates Voice Over and missed by the Censor Scissors. 1985.
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Re:JK on TOTP 1 Year ago  
Wonders will never cease - I see that DLT also flashed onto to the screen during the 'Video Top 10' as part of The Crowd - when You'll Never Walk Alone appeared (at Number One) on the previous 3 repeats, Lord Hall-Hall's scissors cut it to a mere 35 second in case anyone saw Dave or Rolf. The scissors also were out a couple of weeks ago when Janice mentioned you either side of the Animotion video (you often got namechecked by her or Bates)

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Re:JK on TOTP 1 Year ago  
Yes the Chegwin family got their first job in the music business when Jeff came to UK as coffee boy! And Simon remains a friend and had the courage to stand up in court for me as a character witness (then ripped to shreds on TV for doing so by Max Clifford).
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Re:JK on TOTP 12 Months ago  
Superb track.
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