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TOPIC: Eurovision
Eurovision 1 Year ago  
The deeply brilliant Popbitch has tipped me off; Israel the favourite with a VERY clever video and entry (but clever rather than actually musically good). Norway's violinist returns - also clever more than good. Ditto Sweden. Sadly the UK entry is neither clever nor good, which puts us at a slight disadvantage unless, of course, we can get hold of some musical nerve gas.

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Re:Eurovision 12 Months ago  
If I was running British Eurovision, Kylie's Dancing would be this year's UK entry and would win by a mile.
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Re:Eurovision 12 Months ago  
you do wonder why she doesn't represent australia, may be it could be something to do with, how did kylie phrase it "i'm not a good live singer" singing live is one of the must do's in eurovision but it would be interesting to see her there
my thoughts, i do agree about israel not very musical, estonia not catchy enough, czech sounds similar to moldova 2017, spain not a bad song but their performance makes me want to vomit, netherlands not bad at all, bulgaria is interesting, belgium is good until the chorus, sweden didn't jacko do that song in '87 ?, after italy's failure last year being the hot favourite may be they will do it in 2018, rybak has charisma even with a contrived song he could surprise,
all in all it could be and i hope it will be a close contest
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