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My letter to the BBC re You Decide
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TOPIC: My letter to the BBC re You Decide
My letter to the BBC re You Decide 5 Months, 3 Weeks ago  
I’m sorry but the three songs selected for You Decide are all very ordinary and simply stand no chance of winning Eurovision for the UK.
I speak as someone who was in charge the last time the UK won, in 1997.
I took over in 1995 and we made top ten with Love City Groove.
In 1996 we had Just A Little Bit which made it to No8.
In 1997 we won with Love Shine A Light and in 1998 (when we hosted it in Birmingham) we came second with Imaani. So my era in charge of finding the UK entry was quite successful.
Since normally there are FOUR songs from which viewers and licence fee payers can choose, I strongly suggest We’re Leaving But We Don’t Want To is entered as the fourth contender.
It may not do as well as the other three or it may do better; that’s up to the voters.
It’s subtly topical - though about attending a party, the association with Brexit is obvious.
If chosen, decent choreography and a Guest Star included would boost the UK’s chances enormously (it would have been Beckham when he was younger or Craig when chosen as James Bond or Harry Styles when in One Direction - that kind of star).
The link to the You Tube demo is below.
Over to you.

Jonathan King

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Green Man

Re:My letter to the BBC re You Decide 5 Months, 3 Weeks ago  
How about a trash or death metal band.
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