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TOPIC: Music Industry collapsing
Music Industry collapsing 1 Year, 1 Month ago  
As expressed in media by Merck and Nile (I'm involved with Hipgnosis). But it's not just that streaming, like radio in days gone by, makes millions from our songs, tunes and hits and fails to pass them on; but that the big corporations are so stupid as to become hooked on making, finding and promoting specialist sounds - which means very few crossover artistes (Ed Sheeran; Adele) are emerging. Even the biggest stars - BTS, One Direction etc - are aimed at a tiny, specialist area. Nobody but Justin Bieber fans could hum or name any of his hits. Or Dua Lipa or Ariande. Or any rapper, hip hop, garage artistes. Or even (Eurovision) anyone who doesn't like Hard or Soft Rock. Where are Bonjovi or Aerosmith or AC/DC when you need them?
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Green Man

Re:Music Industry collapsing 1 Year, 1 Month ago  
I was in HMV yesterday. The vinyl revival has helped, there were a lot young teens flicking through and buying The Smiths, George Harrison, Nirvana and The Who.

When I was in HMV there a little choice but I was told about a dozen times we can try order stuff for you. If I go to the independent shops they are likely to have what I want on the racks no ordering.

However I see little promotion for new bands and remember when the stores had listening booths?

HMV had Cherry Red box sets that were 3 times the amount on Cherry Red website. I don't expect to pay online prices in the High Street but it was ridiculously high.

Every time I walk around any high street and see a record store. I have to go in and look. I always buy a CD or vinyl, it's amazing how quickly it adds up but the shop owner's normally knock several pounds off.
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Green Man

Re:Music Industry collapsing 1 Year ago  
so HMV are opening up 10 stores however they need to lower their prices on CD and vinyl. They need to match Amazon prices. There's no way I am spending nearly £10 more on something I can get cheaper online.
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Green Man

Re:Music Industry collapsing 8 Months, 2 Weeks ago  
Went to my 'local' HMV yesterday out of curiosity; the store was jammed packed I did get some CD's. CD's and vinyl were being bought by people old and young, I still don't buy new vinyl I think it's a rip-off but that's just me.
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