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TOPIC: Top of the Pops 2021
Top of the Pops 2021 7 Months, 3 Weeks ago  
Showing how Global Music has declined; ignoring mass appeal, cross over sounds for specialist major corporation priorities. Anne Marie starts pretending to be Taylor Swift. Then Mabel to yer standard Swedish backing track. No melodies. No lyrics. We are off to a bad start. Then Coldplay who used to be good. Not any more but who cares, they are giving up soon anyway (it's always depressing watching and hearing men in their 40s pretending to be teenagers). I quite like Higher Power actually - but it's just a one trick pony. Then a look at the biggest hits of 2021 - I say LOOK because it's all stupid DJ's talking and very little of the tracks. The BBC will never learn (No wonder Eurovision is such a disaster). When you make a music show, play the music. Then Sigrid, one of many Adele clones. Without Melody or Lyric worth mentioning, let alone hearing.

I liked Adele (not so much recently now she's been polished and has "found herself" - showbiz for "lost herself").

Lil Naz. "I wanna feel on your ass in Hawaii". Really?

Much though I love Reg Dwight, I think it must be considered the final proof of NO TALENT when Elton decides to join you on a track. Sausage rolls anyone?

Tom Grennan. Who? Obscurity beckons. No wonder the music industry is dead. It's always a clue when someone includes "the air I'm breathing" or "swimming in the deep end" in a lyric.

Griff. WHAT?

Glass Animals. More dumb lyrics. More non-melody. More rubbish. Unoriginal, dull.

Well aware I'm sounding like a boring, out of touch old man I move to the kitchen to prepare my turkey and leave the TV on loud to see if anything captures me (I love Clean Bandit and gather they are on soon)...

Mimi Webb. Oh yeah?

Ed Sheeran had the biggest hit of 2021 with Bad Habits (which I'd never heard but it's not as good as several of his earlier, excellent tracks).

No wonder TOTP is dead, no longer a weekly multi million hit TV show - there has not been a single track featured from 2021 that anybody might have bought. Streaming at 1p for a hundred listens perhaps. Put the rhythm on a loop and stuff the fucking turkey.

Ah good; Sheeran. But a very ordinary song with lyrics like "hard to break the landing". Why not that wonderful Castles? Oh I suppose people might want to hear that, so why use something popular BBC? On a mass appeal music show? Ridiculous. "I'll see you again"? Not if I see you first.

The trouble with becoming a success is then you can employ people NOT to tell you the truth.

Ah Clean Bandit- with a "Love Island star"?? What is Love Island?

Drive All Night? Come on Clean Bandit; Done Bee Fore??? And better.

I do like their syncopated style though but seriously...

I can't help but smile at Ladbaby continuing the tradition of Christmas Number Ones that are crap but are for CHARIDEE which let's face it is all that matters, innit? Let's clap the NHS. Goodwill to all nurses.

Yours Scrooge.
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Green Man

Re:Top of the Pops 2021 7 Months, 3 Weeks ago  
Even the yanks are bored with Coldplay.

I thought they were appaling when they first started and even more appaling now. I hate rich hypocrites regardless of music. I always thought George Harrison was a hypocrite but I love and cherish his solo albums.
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