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To Kill A Mockingbird PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 18 July 2015
Well, 50 years on and it's absolutely wonderful but very different from how I remember it.

Back then we all loved it as a liberal, anti racist tract. Reading it now the magical thing about it is the writing. It is just so beautifully written.

I'm really looking forward to reading Watchman but all the worries about Atticus seeming different appear groundless to me as it's not Atticus' position that is vital in Mockingbird; it's his relationship with Scout and Jem. Plus wonderful characterisation like Dill and Cal and Boo.

There were times, reading it now, when I actually stopped to savour a brilliant line or phrase; always the sign of great writing (I do it on every page of Dickens and Shakespeare).

It seems odd to me that the entire false allegations/miscarriage of justice element, which should mean much more to me personally now, seems far less important than Scout's Ham costume or her observations on the diet and cosmetic habits of Southern ladies.

I shall be fascinated by Watchman.

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