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Is Paul Dacre a "supporter"? PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 18 September 2015
"I wonder what your supporters on The Spectator and The Mail will think of this" said the police officer. This puzzled me. I knew of no supporters. Then I realised - I'd written an article in The Spectator a few weeks ago saying I thought Prime Minister Edward Heath had been non sexual. And for months I've been predicting on my website that The Mail would be the paper to crack open the false allegations industry. "You should have just shut up" said my friends. Certain people do not appreciate such opinions.

Still, my arrest on Wednesday morning for two allegations going back to 1977 surprised me. I've already been wrongly convicted for similar offences and have served my seven year prison sentence.

A statement from Surrey Police linked these to the Walton Hop disco. Neither allegation made any mention of the disco. I had faced a second trial at theOld Bailey in November 2001 on claims linked to the disco and was acquitted on all charges.

If Surrey Police are searching for the truth of these false allegations, I have nothing to worry about. If, as suggested by Lord Macdonald in this week's - yes - Mail, police these days are more interested in getting high profile convictions, then it's a different story.

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