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King of Hits
Love - Paul - review PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 18 September 2015
Excellent book revealing a great deal of what people go through when falsely accused (those lucky enough not to be wrongly convicted). We've had far too many misery memoirs, thank heavens, a dying trend, so it's about time we had good descriptions of the other side.

The jaw dropping moment is the "hacked to death" revelation. It staggers me the Mail On Sunday, normally fast in grabbing the best bits, didn't print that chapter.

My favourite bit is the baseball story (we share a love of the sport though we've never attended a game together, something we should correct). As I'm now going through much of what he went through (for the second time) it is fascinating and interesting to see how society and the world have changed in 15 years.

The things you have to do. Cancel all credit cards (last time a cop stole details and spent 30,000 quid on it in Paris - fortunately refused by the shop - one of my regrets is not pursuing a claim against him at the time).

Change locks. Always remember - police are very close to criminals - indeed thousands are currently in prison. I met a few during my time inside.

Anyway, read Paul's book. It's great.

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