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King of Hits
Hogan Howe and the False Allegations Industry. PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 13 February 2016
Basically the Hogan Howe about turn is a major, massive sea change because the top cop with the biggest police force in Britain has admitted that people DO lie or get confused or are influenced by the media to adapt or exaggerate memories.

Whether this be for financial reasons (and the money earned, especially for celebrity stories in the media, can be substantial; compensation is the 21st Century adaptation of blackmail) or genuine delusions, a desire for sympathy or attention, or revenge or failure or dozens of reasons.

We innocent victims of the False Allegations Industry do not want you disbelieving accusers.

Just being balanced, fair and decent and NOT calling them credible and true before investigating.

So many lives - not mine - have been ruined or ended by this bigotry, often assisted by bent cops and corrupt lawyers.

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