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The False Allegations Industry is in crisis PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 17 February 2016
I gather so many police are disgusted by the current situation that senior bosses are rebelling. It is not only Hogan Howe now openly revolting from the You Will Be Believed mantra. When dodgy Vera Baird is happy to go on TV uttering rubbish about burglaries being all automatically believed (they are neither believed nor disbelieved - police gather evidence to see if they are genuine, exaggerated by insurance claimants or totally fictional, just as they should on allegations regarding sex) - the average cop throws up his or her hands in despair.

I'm told by a reliable source that the CPS is in crisis, hoping the upcoming BBC4 series will reverse the decline in image and recruitment.

And that the media is chortling with delight at the opportunity to slag off two enemies - the BBC and the CPS.

Publicity for such absurdities as the passing penetrator - Mark Pearson acquitted of sex on a rail station forecourt - and Nick the poster boy of the False Allegations Industry - have terminally damaged support for false accusers.

And politicians, spotting the media has turned on a farthing, are now looking at the money being wasted on absurd prosecutions whilst needy areas like the NHS are abandoned.

It will all end in tears. Which is, of course, how it started.

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