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Juries and the BBC PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 30 May 2016
A BBC news feature on how many jurors are suffering trauma after trials.

A very interesting aspect of our broken judicial system which illustrates a part of the problem.

Judges won't allow jurors to discuss what went on in the jury room after trials (why not? Can anyone explain this?). I have often wondered how the jurors in my trial must feel now, knowing from articles like Bob Woffindens that I was wrongly convicted. They must be racked with guilt and must hate the system for conning them into giving the wrong verdict. If they have any conscience at all, it must have ruined their lives.

How about people like those who found innocent Sally Clark guilty and sent her to jail, wrecking her life and causing her early death after her appeal found that she had been innocent all along? Talk about blood on their hands.

There are hundreds of appeals granted every year (rarely carried in the media). Do jurors just shrug shoulders and say - oh well, that is life?

And they are legally bound NOT to go to the Mail and tell journalists how bent cops or crooked lawyers or dodgy experts or stupid judges persuaded them to vote one way, leading to misery, injustice and often death.

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