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Monks, Priests, Vicars and Buggery PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 01 September 2016
Monks, Priests, Vicars and Buggery

Apart from being of the era when such connection provoked much the same reaction as Is the Pope Catholic? and the general assumption was that men only took cloth in order to fiddle with choir boys, I am rather surprised by the current Ampleforth scandal. Although it is, clearly, a Times media good story, havent we reached a point of scepticism regarding false allegations? I have no idea whether the claims against the numerous teachers, monks, abbots and priests are totally true, completely false or media encouraged exaggeration but surely the time has arrived where police would be better off providing a cup of tea and a sugar lump along with five minutes sympathy and a dry handkerchief rather than wasting months of man hours and tax monies. I suppose the answer will be that delightful word closure, seemingly so vital in this strange century.

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