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King of Hits
We need PRO-Active lawyers. PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 15 November 2016
Thinking about the David Bryant case, surely his defence lawyer should have investigated Danny Days past and found out everything Daves loyal wife Lynn discovered before the trial?

Surely Geoff Longs lawyer should have discovered the Pink Sink situation (the police did, after all, and chose not to mention it, being trained to get convictions even when they were diametrically opposed to the truth)?

Where on earth is Perry Mason when you need him?

Any future victims of the False Allegations Industry - learn from all these cases.

And, as Ched Evans should have done, find out the evidence that your accuser is lying before your first trial, not after your retrial.

Better still, notify the CPS before they decide to proceed.

I tend to blame corrupt or lazy cops, greedy bent lawyers and tired old judges and mono-cell jurors but let us not forget incompetent defence lawyers.

Come on, solicitors and barristers - start being PRO-active and build better defences.

I am starting to sound like Trump.

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