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False Allegations - a new thread. PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 13 March 2017
We need to start a new thread about this. This does happen when tens of thousands view a thread and hundreds add comments and the thread gets overloaded - so, picking up from Jo's latest regarding the extraordinary false allegations explosion.

I have, of course, been aware of this for longer than most - 17 years since it happened to me although there were many more before me too. Anna has been aware since, lying in bed with no hair (I have photographic proof!) looking like a more attractive Sinead O'Connor (my opinion only), it dawned on her that this odd Savile person, who she had never met and hardly even been aware of, would have visited Duncroft School whilst she, Anna, had been there, if the claims were true.

And she knew he hadn't.

Her adventures and discoveries since then have been quite extraordinary. I suggest searching Savile Mail Fake Letter would be a good place for new arrivals to start.

But every case is different - it is important to remember that. Many claims of abuse are true. Some are totally and maliciously invented. And the vast majority are in the middle somewhere. Those that succeed in convictions can be assisted by police or lawyers keen, for a variety of reasons (including, sometimes, establishing the truth) to gain convictions.

Others can succeed because of police laziness or CPS lack of judgement - likewise, for a variety of reasons. Ditto some acquittals which should not be made.

But over the years, as media publicity has exploded, the percentage of false claims succeeding has exploded. There are now many, many more false accusers than genuine victims. This can be seen by the huge majority of dropped or failed prosecutions and appeals granted.

The David Bryant case illustrates this.

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