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Sunday, 19 March 2017
A very moving service attended by many. I was most affected by how badly hurt so many people are by the False Allegations Industry. Not just those wrongly convicted but their families and friends. Many tears were shed.

I was asked again and again how I had coped when it happened to me 17 years ago. I explained that actually I had enjoyed my time in prison and had simply found I had to adjust my life to the new parameters.

I think the problem many have is that they cherish the wrong things. They love the opinion of others (I don't) and the comfort of luxuries (great food, physical comfort etc) whereas I find it more natural to make the best of ones situation.

In prison? Cope with it, enjoy it, appreciate it. I kept thinking about those I love who have died or have cancer or are far, far worse off than I. The homeless. The victims of haters and trolls and bullies. The poor. The diseased. Every day I appreciate my luck in life more and more.

I personally would not have changed anything in my life - I have enjoyed almost every minute.

Yes there have been moments of great sadness but you move on, get over them. I wish my Mum was still alive but she's not; we all die; why be miserable about the inevitable when you can enjoy the incredibly happy memories and moments of the past?

It's not boasting or crowing - it is bemusement that people find it so hard to make the best of what we've got.

I've had 72 extraordinary years of pure unadulterated joy. The gift of life is fantastic; almost incredible. Why waste it regretting things and being miserable when there is still so much to enjoy?

I hope for at least 20 and possibly 30 more years of happiness.

Yes I won't be able to run or jump but My God I'll make the most of the time I have left.

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