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Our wonderful media PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 24 March 2017
17 years ago I discovered something I had known but not thought about. After 40 years in the media (now almost 60) it dawned on me that all media, virtually by definition, has one single morality. Is it a good story?

It doesn't matter whether, like the scorpion stinging itself when caught in a ring of fire or swimming the river with the frog on its back, it means certain death. It is in its nature.

As I witness our media helping, assisting and boosting Isis in the latest PR job (incidentally I bet loony had nothing whatever to do with Islam, let alone Isis), devoting hours of broadcast time, paper, coverage, obsession to a crusade which essentially is a recruitment campaign for suicide terrorists, which everyone in media (including us, naturally) with more than one brain cells knows, without doubt, will lead to many more murders and killings in the name of Fame - I see that scorpion speaking to that frog as they both sink into paradise where there are many scorpion (and frog) virgins awaiting them...

"It's my nature".

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