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Bye Bye May PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 18 June 2017
Adam Boulton in today's Sunday Times feels the same as many of us; May is finished; it is just a question of how soon.

You are quite entitled to be fans of May and you may be seeing something we don't; just as we think Corbyn looks better and better every day; building, learning.

Not Blair at all (though Boulton also made a comment that he seems almost as good as Blair in winning over doubters). But we don't see anything wrong with someone growing and we also think there is a point; old economics have not worked.

Every day we are told we must cut down on borrowing but some feel saving lives is more important; if we'd borrowed to put decent cladding on the tower, 56 people would be alive today.

If we'd scrapped stupid Trident we would not have to be cutting back on police who might have found the terror killers before they killed.

If the Government stopped encouraging cops to investigate false claims from 47 years ago and saved cash instead of setting up Inquiries about whether dead priests abused people 40 years ago, we could afford more fire safety examinations - sprinklers even.

I'm not convinced by Labour economics but the time has come to rethink; something Corbyn, right or wrong, is doing; May is not.

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