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What a great day! PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 27 June 2017
What a fabulous day!

It was quite nice this morning in London and I couldn't believe the amount of people who smiled and waved at me as I drove over to my lawyers. What fantastic support after the publicity and coverage of yesterday. Then I pulled up at traffic lights next to a white van and the man grinned at me and said "What a lovely little car". It dawned on me that nobody had recognised me but everyone adored my Baby Car. It spreads more happiness around than I ever could. I've owned it for over 25 years and loved every minute of it although it's really not designed for 72 year olds.

The world has changed in 17 years. False accusers are now videotaped although I gather you have to visit your lawyers in order to view the interviews. But it was fascinating. Within minutes I spotted who was only after money, who was totally lying, when and where was the language changing from natural to prepared script and back again, who was shifty, who genuinely believed their story and so on.

What was astonishing was how police couldn't spot the same. So obvious.

But very useful for strategy. No point in investigating certain areas; vital to find evidence of others. All in all; rewarding and interesting.

Back for lunch with a friend whose car broke down and had to cancel so did myself bacon, eggs, fried bread and coffee.

Then tea with mighty Bob Woffinden, Britain's foremost investigative journalist and writer.

Dinner with friend who's been hugely supportive. Every cloud has a hundred silver linings.

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