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28 day bail limit - Police fight back PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 28 September 2017
I do miss darling Anna Raccoon who discovered how to cut'n'paste articles behind the paywall. But the essence of this is - confronted by the magnificent well intentioned (thanks to Gambo) change in the law brought in (for the wrong reasons) by Cliche May, police had two alternatives.

Avoid the 28 day clause by charging on arrest (and later dropping the charges when they were found to be total fiction months or years later) or don't bail (as with Cliff) and keep suspects in agony for years whilst investigating (I use the word lightly) hooking the media in with statements like "credible and true".

They have chosen the latter and put their experienced Press people onto the "mad rapists and child abusers roaming the land thanks to this silly law" - a great story for the gullible media.

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