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Secrets and Lies PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 13 October 2017
As we watch stars come out to throw stones at the glass house that was Harvey Weinstein, we wonder whether they are aware that, by dragging the spotlight onto that area of personal behaviour, they may yet suffer similar examination of their own secrets and lies.

I remember, 17 years ago, feeling Max Clifford had not been wise encouraging, provoking and assisting my original false accuser, because he might find attention could focus on his own behaviour.

Seeing the wonderful Jane Fonda and Emma Thompson condemn Weinstein, although both admit nothing happened with them but they had "heard rumours", I can't help but feel, unless they had personal problems with him themselves, they should avoid comment.

Even the accusers, many of whom may be speaking the truth, if inflated versions, should consider whether they really want attention brought to their own lives. If not guilty of secrets and lies themselves (and who hasn't had moments which, if scrutinised, could appear different from the reality?) - their nearest and dearest may not like family secrets or the lies of friends examined and exaggerated.

Because it will inevitably happen. Wait and see.

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