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Wednesday, 01 November 2017
I think we can all agree that the latest Westminster sex scandal (boring) illustrates the False Allegations Industry but is nothing to do with politics, just as WeenSteen had nothing to do with Entertainment and Savile had nothing to do with radio. The media and the increasingly superficial public find this hard to understand, as they have been groomed into tabloid headline thinking. Keep it simple; keep it general; do it in 140 characters.

17 years ago I noticed this attempt to link the false allegations against me to music. No; these simply illustrate how easy it is to persuade people to inflate and colour up past memories or fantasies after media grooming.

The motives don't really matter - these days we look at the odd journalist whose memories destroy Damian Green - Tory - true or false? Who cares? Probably a misunderstanding, misinterpretation, inflation but who knows? Michael Fallon - Tory - even the "victim" says it really should not be considered rape; just a joke as a hand may have been laid on a knee. Watson - Labour - or whoever the current slur against an MP it is - woman possibly raped or abused or invited... who knows? Truth, Lies? Somewhere in the middle, muddled by the mists of time. Oh that fog, that fog of the years and the print and colour TV.

Lib Dems. Weren't there some scandals? Cyril Smith - or was he Labour? That Chairman - forgot his name - didn't women say he was "inappropriate"? Don't I remember Jeremy Thorpe? Oh the smog of drifting memory.

Human beings have always been muddled about sex - well, British ones anyway; we seem to get it muddled more than most.

Only one thing really matters. Is it a good story? Run with it! Thank God Editors and Producers never transgress. Oops - WeenSteen.

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