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King of Hits
NIZLOPI - the Jonathan King impact continues! PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 13 December 2005
Jonathan King in Number One success!
Of course I'm not claiming anything to do with the Nizlopi hit; indeed the joy of watching it go is seeing the impact my philosophy has had without professional involvement.
Just as I got a buzz when GARY JULES hit the Xmas top spot because I remembered Paul Conroy starting off at UK Records as the young student manager of the Kursaal Flyers, so I get a great buzz seeing my Tip Sheet protegees behind the Nizlopi success.
It's not difficult.
It involves enthusiasm; energy; originality of ideas; never giving up; thinking of new ways to break...
Costs virtually nothing.
But always wins.
So well done to the team.
It's good to see David beat Goliath.
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