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Let It All Hang Out PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 18 March 2006
This was my "comeback" hit. After Everyone's Gone To The Moon in 1965, I produced another of my songs - It's Good News Week - with Hedgehoppers Anonymous.

They had very little to do with it. I simply wanted to establish that I was a producer and not just a pop singer. As a result, I had no more hits (either as singer or producer) for 3 or 4 years.

I did discover, produce and name GENESIS during that period, and I took over and ran Decca Records for my friend and mentor Sir Edward Lewis, but I wasn't making any money and I decided I should return to singing.

So I covered a small American hit (by The Hombres) and released Let It All Hang Out.

It was a decent sized hit and revived my slightly flagging career.

In 1969 and 1970 it charted, sold a respectable several hundred thousand and brought me in hefty sums of royalties (remember I was producer and owner as well as singer). In those days you could make fortunes from hit singles.

I went on to have a string of hits as a singer and producer, under various names, for most of the rest of the decade.

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