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Sunday, 19 March 2006
After getting out I checked out hundreds of message boards and came across this from two months earlier...


Reged: 05/12/03 Posts: 547

Why isn't this band selling millions of records?

05/18/05 10:16 PM

This isn't a "hype" - I really want to know how this band cannot be huge. These songs are freaking hits...


I saw them play and they blew me away. The A&R guy next to me said they're great. And then he walked out the door...




tipsheetxx Bronze Member

Reged: 04/01/05 Posts: 226

Re: Why isn't this band selling millions of records?

07/29/05 01:47 AM

They sound bloody good to me.

Excellent first track. (No Tomorrow)

Come on Ropers... the industry has totally changed. It's no longer the old "must be young and pretty... must have a long career... must be a one dimensional project" business anymore.

The OLD model was based on the existing parameters THEN.

I know. I was a founding father.

Times have changed.

The model for a music company THIS CENTURY means...

Far lower overheads

Far greater income stream sources (downloads; physical sales; gig revenue sharing; merchandising; commercials use; publishing; brand sharing...)

Far wider taste possibilities

Far more imagination in promotion and spreading the word (like MYSPACE and the Rope... congrats to the guy who started this thread).

It's the best time EVER for people who simply make great music.

Well done ORSON! AND

That started it on The Velvet Rope.

Then I posted the link to ORSON's MySpace site and a long thread started on the TIPSHEET Message Board.

We got loads of calls including one from Joe Taylor who wanted to put it on the Record of the Day site.

And six months later... ORSON are top of the UK Charts!

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