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O Morrissey Y R U So Sad? - JK/Anticloning PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 26 May 2006
I think Morrissey is fantastic and, as a tribute to him, here's a track from the early 90's concept album ANTICLONING.

The album was a personal board game - or a game I played when I was bored.

I took the same short backing track and wrote a dozen totally different songs to it.

The other rule was that every title had to have a NAME in it.

I could slow or speed the track up. Change the balance of the instruments (but not add any others except vocals).

I pressed up only a couple of thousand CD's or cassettes which are now selling for a fortune on E Bay, I gather.

One of our regular loyal posters just managed to buy one and his post inspired me to put this up.

The entire ANTICLONING album was just a way of spending a fun summer but I think it bears consideration. It's rather like the Curate's Egg.

We will be selling it through our shops when they are up and running selling downloads.

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