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King of Hits
Collapse of Democracy? PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 16 July 2006
With everything going on globally that makes us so horrified by the behaviour of our leaders (both sides) and the VIDEO featured on the Tipsheet board about Paranoia... I have to tell you one of my theories...

DEMOCRACY doesn't work.

Democracy means "of the people". And the people don't have a clue. Tabloid headline thinking is the measure of PUBLIC OPINION. We are all happy to pontificate on things without knowing or studying or considering the detail. SMITH? Hate him (if we've read negative stories). JONES? Love him (if there's been good press). Depth? No thank you. Too busy working, loving, eating, fighting...

As a reaction to fascism, Nazis, the Empire... democracy seemed fine.

But nobody thought it through. It simply doesn't work.

So what does?

Benign autocracy. Someone who cares and is prepared to be accountable.


They may start well (I'm sure Blair began with the best intentions and Thatcher certainly did) but power corrupts and damages the objectivity.

Just like stars deteriorate when they start believing their own images, so do politicians...

The end of the world is nigh.

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