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FAME - a many edged sword PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 24 March 2007
Fame; had I not been famous, no charges would have been pursued against me.

The original false allegations made, I'm convinced, to bolster up the weak and uninteresting claims against somebody else and adding, as any decent publicist will have known, enormously to the credibility and commerciality of the allegations, were prompted because I was FAMOUS.

The subsequent false claims were only made because of all the publicity my arrest gained.

And the ease of either inventing or exaggerating meetings - ranging from total fiction to the addition of sex to normal meetings or even to a lack of enjoyment instead of numerous pleasurable encounters - when considered against the rewards (compensation; media fees; attention and sympathy for failures in life), were a massive temptation.

But I must say - FAME has brought me many positive things, from riches to upgrades, good tables to instant power and access.

Well. recent years have shown that it can still be more PLUS than MINUS.

Again, today, going shopping in several huge and popular stores and centres, I received literally dozens of smiles and nods and kind words.

It seems the public has a very different view of my recent past to the media!

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