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King of Hits
Tabloids and killing children PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 05 December 2008
I think the meejah - of which I am a long term member, both traditional for 45 years and online - is essentially responsible for many deaths of children. As I watch Karen Matthews - "I miss you sooo much" - I can see the results of the script that was begun in 2000 with the arrest of Jonathan King, moved via Matthew Kelly and others, John Leslie, Sally Clark, the Birmingham and Guildford convictions, Sion Jenkins, Barry George...

Police discovered that high profile stories were adored by the meejah, whether they were real or fictional (The case of the murdered Jersey coconut) and used the contact with the meejah to raise their own conviction rates in a welter of headlines.

And the meejah, delighted by these increasingly ghastly sounding stories, piled on the pressure, gore and righteous indignation.

From missing Maddie to Baby P, the meejah got less responsible and so did the police and sad people like Karen Matthews, who find it hard to separate fact from fiction, saw diamonds. Fame, cash, sympathy, attention, gifts, flashing bulbs...

Meanwhile, in the usual attempt to BLAME someone, meejah had great fun blaming other meejah rivals (the BBC?) and other social areas. Social workers to blame for Baby P...

Hold on a second. How many childrens' lives have been SAVED by those very same social workers whose mistakes (or not) may have failed Baby P?

No story there. Mrs Smith stopped little Jenny being killed three years ago? Who cares. Go for the jugular. Find a victim. Fire people. Denigrate. Condemn. Kill.

And so it goes on. As fewer and fewer people want to work with children (why on earth do it? No money, no thanks, prison...?), more and more will die.

And the meejah, having caused it, will blame others in the cycle of violence with only one purpose.


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