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Saturday, 13 December 2008
Clearly made by the news this year - slowly but surely the truth is emerging.

The police are liars, justifying their immoral and corrupt behaviour, whether it be shooting innocent men in the head or convicting people for crimes that never took place.

The public are spotting the swift route to quick cash, false claims, false allegations, from kidnapped kids who are under a friend's bed to sex accusations of 30 years earlier against celebrities.

The media are getting crazier and crazier about great stories - that's all that matters, whether it is millions spent on finding the killers of a coconut 300 years ago or millions spent trying to make an innocent person look guilty of non existent sex offences.

And the media, public, and police love colluding together to get headlines, circulation, ratings, profits - with total disregard of the truth.

But worst of all, the lawyers and judges collude too and lock people up when no crime has been committed at all.

I suggest this year we say a prayer for Sally Clark, perhaps the most tragic victim of this adoration of headline tabloid fiction.

And hope for the one possible positive outcome - that the media realises there's a better story - innocent people being killed or stitched up.

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