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We have a new Philip Pullman... PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 31 July 2011
and her name is Moira Young. Here's the story...

One of the great bonuses of making films like Me Me Me is getting new friends - like all the crew and the cast. I've stayed close to the actors, going to see Perry Siren in a workshop; getting Scarlett and Ria Siren to the Cannes Film Festival - and both Henry and Rupert (Johnny and Jay) came over to Dusseldorf with their Dad Dene.

Henry called to tell me his Auntie had written a novel and it was rather good. Could he send me a signed copy?

Indeed. It's called Blood Red Road and it's absolutely brilliant.

More than that, I think it's going to be huge. And begging to become a massive film franchise.

If you want this year's Dark Materials (it's that good) or the next Harry Potter, grab it today and read it on holiday. You'll love it.

And you saw it here first. From the man who made a tribute album called Harry, Ron, Hermione and the Wizards and got the universal response from retail "Who the fuck is Harry Potter?". Back twelve years ago.

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