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Sunday, 06 November 2011
The fascinating result of the News of the World legitimate and excellent entrapment of the agents and players in their exposure of corrupt cricketers proves that, when the subject is fair, such behaviour is valid.

Despite the "entrapment" (and it was surely that), normal people can only encourage such work.

So sad that the Murdochs chose to react the way they did to the phone hacking scandal. They should not have shut the paper - they should have cleansed it.

I suffered from the police and certain criminals deciding that money could be made and benefits could be accrued by setting me up as the fall guy in a sting involving the media and the judicial system. Armed with support from corrupt and lazy executives in the Crown Prosecution Service and the tabloids and the legal structure, they pinned a high profile wrongful conviction to my frail form.

But I'm not saying they should scrap the organisations. I want them to track down, find, expose and punish sex offenders and child abusers. But I want them to do it honestly and fairly; not by twisting the truth, bending the facts and changing the dates.

Exaggeration, inflation and invention for corrupt reasons leads to a collapse in morality. Not only do bad people win but more victims are created.

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