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Steven B Williams - RIP at last PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 10 November 2011
Steven was a dear friend of mine from the 70s onwards. I met him through our mutual friend Robert Knight (superb rock photographer) when he was DJing on KIKI in Honolulu in Hawaii.

He had a fantastic deep voice and quickly became a close friend.

He moved to Denver Colorado and was the top morning DJ there - I guested on his show on KBPI many times in the 80s.

He moved back to California and DJ'd in San Francisco. As a favour he did all the little voice pieces for me whenever I had shows on Radio One or Capital Radio and I hear him on the tapes of those shows whenever I play them in my car on holiday.

He also did several "The Tip Sheet CD" voice overs that we used to avoid the stupid BPI ban on carrying the tracks we were recommending on our free CDs that we sent out with the magazine every week throughout the 90s. As a direct result, hits were broken and careers launched.

Hugely supportive as expected during my trivial problems 11 years ago, he was instantly back in touch on my release in 2005 and was planning to fly over to visit me when he disappeared. The rest is now sadly history, as explained in the cuttings - links posted on the Forum boards.

I miss him every day.

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