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The Brits 2012 - After the show PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 22 February 2012
A decent enough show except for the silly timing mistakes - it really is quite easy producing a live show, if you know what you're doing. The BPI simply doesn't and never has - except when they put it into my hands.

James Corden was fine - no better and no worse than I was as Host 25 years ago.

But the thing is - times have changed. These days, music is just as popular as it ever was but totally specialist. The days of tastes crossing boundaries are sadly gone; and most people now like a certain kind of music rather than all music.

And TV shows need to cater to their audience in a similar way. So music shows need to be different. Thus we have X Factor, Got Talent, Idol... none of them music shows; all freak shows using music as an element and, quite rightly, most of the music is familiar old classics designed to fit the format.

I didn't see Simon Cowell - the star of our Music Industry shows 15 years ago - in the audience, and quite right too; he's not a music person any more; he's a TV person.

But a TV music awards show needs to become bright, modern, different - like our Record of the Year Show was in the late 90s (we had our Industry Awards whilst the main show was off the air, thus honouring executives and giving them a great ceremony without boring the mass public).

Start from scratch. A new blueprint is needed and I may well design it.

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