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New session - three songs and a remix PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 12 March 2012
Just did three new songs for the next movie; thoroughly enjoyed it; Steve Levine (who was junior engineer on several of my sessions in the 70s) said it could beat the session with It Only Takes A Minute, Gimme Some and others - 4 Top 40 hits recorded non stop in 18 hours.

I told him my best ever session (Johnny Reggae, Hooked On A Feeling, Keep On Dancing and another - 4 Top 30 hits in 18 hours) had been five years before that.

But Steve reckons one of the new tracks is a dead cert global No1; I rate another; and our fourth was a remix for Alex of his next single Lady Godiva which will hopefully be top ten.

Anyway it was tiring (I'm not as young as I was) but hugely enjoyable and satisfying, with tremendous contributions from Jackie - our wonderful new lady singer.

At our lovely lunch before Christmas with Clare Torry - another of my much booked singers in the 60s and 70s - she agreed with the compliments that Clem Cattini - arguably the finest UK session drummer of all time - had paid to me as a producer a couple of years ago. It's nice to hear how much my team enjoyed working on all those sessions and it's encouraging that the new lot are as happy to share studio time with me.

Alex adores the remix. You'll get to hear it along with all the other mixes in a few days.

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