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The Hobbit - not good PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 13 January 2013
My fears that this wonderful novel, short, clever, brilliant, would suffer by being extended were proven correct.

Peter Jackson's No1 motivation appears to be "aren't I clever; look what I can do?".

Instead of plot development, the key essential for every scene is - it must have something flying through the air, preferably towards the audience.

The best example of How and Why to do 3D is Hugo. Next - Life of Pi. How and Why NOT to do 3D - watch The Hobbit.

It felt like a full length feature film before Bilbo was persuaded to leave for his adventure. In the book (as I remember) a few pages.

Much as I adore Ian Holm, that was far too much.

Gollum - very annoying.

Not Preciousssss at all.

Jackson has clearly lost the plot. A shame as it was the best thing about The Hobbit story - Tolkein lost it after that too, and became obsessed by silly language and Middle Earth.

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