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The woman who killed herself... PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 09 February 2013
A ghastly story but I have one question (as you will guess)... not going to the other extreme but wondering why nobody seems to carry the possibility that she killed herself because, deep down inside, she knew she lied or exaggerated in court and couldn't live with the consequences.

I am NOT saying that's what happened but, from personal experience, I KNOW people can lie, exaggerate and often are 99% convinced they are speaking the truth. I was speaking to a friend about my own case who said she was sure my "witnesses" were simply after money. Compensation. Media fees. Read Bob Woffinden's detailed explanation of the man he interviewed in 65 My Life So Far and you'll see how much money was made from my case.

I know that's NOT the case. There are often many other mixed motives, from mental illness to a desire for revenge to simple misunderstanding - drink, drugs, changing memories... I would say the vast majority of my false accusers genuinely, honestly believed their stories. Indeed, in many cases 90% of the tales were absolutely accurate. Those who did meet me, did come to my house, did listen to music, did eat my food and drink my drink, sometimes even discussed sex yet simply did not actually have sex with me. A small detail compared to the rest of the story in time, activity, experience - yet, thirty years later, a tweak by media, cops, lawyers, CPS...

If you'd stood in court, sworn you'd been abused, genuinely believed you'd been abused yet, alone, in private that demon emerges, sits on your shoulder and says "it never happened", wouldn't you contemplate suicide? Or even, quite possibly, "it did happen but I initiated it, enjoyed it, wanted it but dare not admit it"?

I'm not saying that is the case. I think I need to repeat that as people seem unable to understand it. I'm not saying that's what happened. I'm not saying the poor, troubled lady who took her own life was lying or mistaken or exaggerating or reconsidering.

I'm simply asking - why doesn't ANY coverage mention the possibility? Are we readers, viewers, listeners really totally unable to consider it? Can we only see one side, one angle, one slogan, one headline? Is Mr and Mrs Average really that stupid? And are the writers, commentators, observers really that blinkered?

I fear the answer is - YES.

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