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The Brits 2014 - Part Two PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 20 February 2014
The format stinks; it's not entertaining and needs a massive rethink, as do all Awards shows. It's broke. Fix it.

First, a TV show should be thoroughly entertaining both for the eye, the brain, the ears and the heart.

Secondly, music stars have always tended to be, in the main, charisma free. Talent in making music is usually the exact opposite to an ability to communicate with spoken words or visual art. That's why music stars need to employ nerds to make videos.

So less speech, more music please.

When I produced The Brits I crammed music into the shows. Snippets, whole numbers, live performances (30 secs each), old music, new music, even unsigned music. I'm the man who got Maggie Thatcher to croon How Much Is That Doggy InThe Window… entertaining.

Colour, surprises, originality, fun and lots and lots of music. That's what I think The Brits (and the Grammys) should contain; they never do.

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