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The latest Savile reports OR 2 Minutes of Hate PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 27 February 2015
George Orwell must be cackling in heaven as he watches the 2 minutes Hate erupt over Jimmy Savile.

But perhaps the media up there, like the media down here, is controlled by Satan, as they avoid noticing that 1 "official" complaint at Stoke Mandeville Hospital is probably fewer than Mother Teresa or even Saint Bob Geldof have had in their fine lives.

I notice even that one, sole, lonely complaint was withdrawn because the girl was too ill to continue her allegations. Since she seems to have repeated them every year since then, she's clearly not completely recovered.

It really does make you wonder. Not just that official bodies can spout them without breaking into giggles but that the media seems not to have spotted the flaws and government ministers can announce them in Parliament (with added adjectives of disgust) with straight faces.

I suspect the general public, already having lost all respect for police, justice and politicians - though despising media even more - are beginning to notice the delusion.

How long before we have reports and laws constructed because of all those sad individuals abducted (and raped) by aliens? They too must be believed.

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