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X+Y - Best Film of 2015 PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 21 March 2015
I went to see this expecting to like it. All the Mike Leigh greats (Eddie Marsan, Sally Hawkins - even Mr Turner's son Rafe) as well as the young star of my favourite film from a few years ago Hugo - Asa Butterfield, who deserves to win the Best Actor Oscar 2016 for this.

It's the best film Mike Leigh hasn't yet made, so you rather need to be a Leigh fan like me.

But it is utterly superb. Possibly the Best Movie Ever Made. You'll find it hard to see - few cinemas are showing it (small indie) but it is SO worth the effort.

Everything BOYHOOD isn't - X+Y is. Where Boyhood illustrated all the worst side of American art and exactly what pretentious Yanks would fall for (winning Best Film at the Oscars), this is the best of British film making in every single frame.

Plus it made me jump at one point early on more than I've ever jumped since the shower scene in Psycho.

Utterly fabulous.

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