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Spiked NAILS Tory-made Child Abuse Mass Panic, 1978-Ongoing
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TOPIC: Spiked NAILS Tory-made Child Abuse Mass Panic, 1978-Ongoing

Spiked NAILS Tory-made Child Abuse Mass Panic, 1978-Ongoing 6 Years, 7 Months ago  
Populist Right wing moralizer Mary Whitehouse, with Tory M.P.s Geoffrey Dickens and Cyril Townsend backed the Tory private member sham, 'Protection Of Children Act, 1978' soon leading to many false allegations, and children taken from their parents and into care. But the full blown UK child abuse panic began with the Conservative Party’s 'Children Act, 1989', and other initiatives had become unstoppable.

Local authorities’ ‘at-risk’ registers were expanding very quickly because the councils were suspicious of families and fearful of being accused of failing. Throughout its time in power, 1979-97, the Conservative Party stoked up anxieties about children at risk, with such measures as Peter Luff’s Periodicals (Protection of Children) Bill, and the Sex Offenders Act of 1997.

One of the most destructive campaigns was the legislation that was contained in Clause 28 of the Education Act (1988). Clause 28 was inspired by the protests of the Parents’ Rights Group in Haringey, London, over a booklet called Jenny Lives with Eric and Martin, about the adopted child of two gay men. In the minds of the protesters, homosexuals were bound to molest children, and so they protested outside the Education Department offices. Under Clause 28, the government banned in schools any talk of gay relations. ‘The clause is about protecting children’, Tory dame Jill Knight trumpeted.
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