Nick and other False Accusers
Sunday, 11 October 2015
Let us not forget the effect that exposing False Accusers, especially those who genuinely believe their own stories, can have.

In the crusade to rebalance the witch hunt, lead by the Mail, we must remember Brenda Leyland (the McCanns troll) who killed herself after being exposed, and, indeed, my own original False Accuser who suffered a series of near terminal strokes after having his lies and exaggerations exposed in the Jon Ronson Guardian blog. When solid proof of falsehood gets revealed, the effect on the False Accusers can be devastating.

How must "Nick" feel now that his inventions about children being mown down by cars driven by Cabinet ministers, and other things, have been proved false? How must his head be coping with this? It must be like those convinced they have been abducted and raped by aliens feel, when presented by proof that they haven't is shown to them or, worse, is shown to millions on TV and in the media?

OK those who are well aware that they are inventing to some extent deserve the shame that comes with the truth but even then the acid pouring into their systems must be devastating.

Many police, journalists, judges, social workers genuinely consider themselves on the side of the angels when they believe and support False Accusers, thinking them honest and not even mistaken. The effect when it dawns that they have been duped must also be appalling.

So watch over the deluded, confused and even the intentionally dishonest because they may, at this very moment, be reaching for the razor blades as it dawns on them that the truth is around the corner.